Superhero of the Night: Ken Jeong (MTV Movie Awards II)

Ken won the award for Best WTF Moment last night. For something called “Naked Trunk Surprise” in The Hangover. I have not seen The Hangover but based on this:

I agree. Because WTF?!

Now here Ken looks a bit more like a hero, though the black on black smacks of villainy. But let’s pretend the popcorn is a bomb, that makes it look kinda sorta heroic, right? Maybe?

Well, here’s the real reason. This is Ken’s wife Tran. She was fighting Breast Cancer while The Hangover was filming and as he explained it she’s the one who encouraged him to do the film. “She taught me that life is short, so don’t be afraid to take chances.” And she was right because the chance he took on the film worked out. It’s a silly award at a sillier award show and when Ken first choked up during his acceptance speech it was another WTF? moment for me, but by the end of it I was choking up, too. Ken Jeong loves his wife and he loves his job and he’s proud of both and there’s nothing at all silly about that.

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