Color! (MTV Movie Awards V)

This dress is almost my favourite of the night.

Miranda Cosgrove in Versus. She looks stunning and heroine chic. I seriously want this to be a superheroine costume.

I don’t know if it invokes the X-Men or Sailor Moon, but I love it.

Also love this. I picked this picture because she looks like a robot. Scarjobot! Plus her shoes are boring.

I think Whitney Port’s canary yellow comes off comic-booky. With the lines? It’s kinda half-drawn in. I like.

This is too much of a throwback for me. Day-glo is not really a fashion period I want to see revisted much.

Please see what I said above about Stephanie Pratt and now apply to Victoria Justice. Thank you.

Somehow what is an adorable cut on Miranda is a mess on Anna Kendrick. It’s either the poor fit or the hideous pattern/colour. Or both. Speaking of hideous patterns:

Tom actually looks pretty good fresh off his dance with J-Lo. Cameron looks like she is wearing the sleeve-cover to a chair from some Miami Beach bargain resort.

And no, guys, I still don’t want to see your movie.

One Comment on “Color! (MTV Movie Awards V)”

  1. I love ScarJo’s dress!

    I had no idea who Victoria Justice was, but she really reminds me of Nina Dobrev!

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