Shine! (MTV Movie Awards IV)

Where R-Patz sparkles, K-Stew shines:

I love this picture. She looks so MEAN. As for the Dolce and Gabanna, it suits her. I don’t like the necklace or the nail polish — both look like she’s going for “I don’t care”. As does the hair, but it’s been worse.

See, when she tries to smile and pose, it falls flat. Stick with MEAN, Kristen, it’s working for you. Those shoes are painfully boring but maybe you went for comfort knowing you’d be up and down all night as New Moon swept. Overall, I like it. i can pretend the gold is her superheroine outfit and the tweed skirt and belt are her version of Clark Kent’s glasses.

Johnny Weir also wore gold.

Or maybe it’s bronze. Whichever, it works.

This doesn’t. It looks like it is working HER. Note to Hanna Beth: edit.

And finally, Audrina Partridge. Asymmetry is in but this again looks like the dress is wearing her. It looks so heavy! Though that kinda makes it armor-ish so that’s cool.

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