Sparkle! (MTV Movie Awards III)

Christina wasn’t all alone in her glam. It’s a glitzy show.

Here’s Sandy, looking amazing. The best part of this dress is the back:

Plunge! (Hi, Scarlett, you were a fine Ryan Stand-In.)


Aww. They’re so sweet.

Then there’s Katy. This dress is totally heroine chic. It has to be magic to work, y’know? It reminds me of Nancy Kerrigan’s Vera Wang skating dress from the Olympics. Just more, um. Katy Perry.

Like that. (Aside: the use of “Daisy Dukes” in her lyrics for “California Girls” irrationally annoys me. I know girls everywhere wear Daisy Dukes — meaning the itsiest bitsiest short shorts — in the summer but when I hear Daisy Dukes I think first of Daisy Duke who is a pure and true Southern girl and I don’t mean So-cal. So it BUGS me.)

J-Lo also sparkled on stage.

Hey, you know what this is missing?

Faux Cruise! Tom Faux? Whatever.

Jessica Alba’s sparkle (note: I want those!) was only visible while strutting — but who here isn’t interested in watching Jessica Alba (and bonus Vanessa Hudgens) strutting? And these two lovelies gave the award to the sparkliest of all:

One Comment on “Sparkle! (MTV Movie Awards III)”


    He really is the “sparkliest of all”; good call.

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