Worst Dressed: Lindsay Lohan (MTV Movie Awards VII)

I’ve decided that sometimes “worst dressed” doesn’t cover it. Sometimes it is more than a bad dress or poor styling choices. Sometimes it is even more than all around bad/this look can’t be saved/what was she THINKING?! bad. Sometimes it is this bad:

1. This is all around bad.
2. This look can’t be saved.
3. What was she THINKING?!

Okay, here she looks passably okay — if she was 40something instead of 20something. The make-up is a disaster and the bleach hair against the tan…UGH. But at least here we can pretend she is wearing a cute little silver flapper dress instead of the jumpsuit from SPARKLE HELL.

You know where this would fit in? The movie version of Lost in Space. That is not a complimentary comparison, Lindsay. You do NOT want to look like you belong in the movie version of Lost in Space! Ever!

It would also work on Love Boat. Maybe she is shopping around a new movie: Love Boat in Space. But even if that was true (and I kinda wish it was) that is no excuse. And worst dressed just doesn’t cover it. No. Congratulations, Lindsay:



5 Comments on “Worst Dressed: Lindsay Lohan (MTV Movie Awards VII)”

  1. Why is it that (what looks like) everybody decided to go for the sparkles? It must be related to Twilight. There’s no other way.

    Lindsay Lohan; heroine kitsch?

  2. RaeBeta says:

    Improve the fit, add a disco belt, and you’d get instant Dazzler glam. The difference between fashion disaster and heroine chic is subtle but savage.

    • Anika says:

      Hahaha, the belt! So true. And I kinda want to use that second sentence as a tag line.

      • RaeBeta says:

        Feel free, although I should confess that it’s partially cribbed from a Truman Capote quote:

        “…I discovered the difference between good writing and bad, and then made an even more alarming discovery: the the difference between good writing and true art; it is subtle, but savage.”

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