Superheroine of the Night: Kate Mara (CFDA I)

OK! calls her “Iron Man 2 star Kate Mara” which seems a little over-reaching, especially with actual Iron Man 2 star Gwyneth Paltrow in attendance (and on the arm of CFDA winner Michael Kors) but she was IN Iron Man 2 and more importantly to us she was wearing this:

Iron Man colours maybe, but I think it is Zac Posen’s tribute to Wonder Girl. Both Donna Troy and Cassie Sandsmark have worn red and gold — and to be quite honest, I prefer Kate’s heroine chic Posen to both Donna’s jumpsuit and Cassie’s tank-and-jeans (seriously, Cassie, jeans = / = superhero!!).

Kate’s hair is reminiscent of a Greek laurel which adds to the Wonder Girl effect and while her shoes would have to be replaced with tall boots to really complete it, for the fashion awards they help elevate the look past cute.

The patten even gives it a vaguely armoured look. Slap an eagle on there and Wonder Girl is good to go.


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