How to Fix a Mess of a Dress. (Tony Awards IV)

Basically, it is all about the surroundings. Take this:

Kerry Washington looks confused, like maybe she just woke up and realized she was supposed to be at the Tony Awards so she just ran all the way there without changing out of her nightie or taking the time to brush her hair.


Stand next to people who look even more confused and you blend in!

Here it is Lucy Liu’s dress that is confused. It wants to be LESS but Marchesa is more often than not about MORE and this is no exception. No, this is a pretty dress underneath a craft project gone wrong.


Hide all that nonsense with a hunky Chris Noth and you’re golden!

If you don’t have a hunky Chris Noth handy, you can hide your dress in itself:

I have no idea what this dress of Karine Plantabit’s looks like. But you know what? It looks great here!

If all else fails, win an award.

Because when you win Worst Dressed for your trash bag couture, at least the Best Scenic Design win will take the sting off.

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