The A-Team in Paris

I did not go see The A-Team last weekend. I didn’t see The Karate Kid, either. We decided on finally watching Shutter Island but then it was unavailable at Red Box so we go to On Demand. Bad idea, there were too many options, we got sucked into a prolonged discussion of what to watch, it ended up a ranking plus one veto go around — long story, short (too late) we watched Daybreakers.

Is there such a thing as good movie about vampires? Because I have yet to see it. But I digress, here’s the A-Team plus Jessica Biel (who plays someone in the movie) in Paris:

I’m mostly posting this because Jessica is wearing a dreaded jumpsuit….and I kind of like it.

It’s a strange-r look — the colour and the dropped v with bow bring to mind a sailor suit (which almost makes sense if she is, as I suspect from the ads, military in the movie), kind of an ‘I’m in uniform but I’m still pretty’ vibe which makes me okay with the fact it’s a jumpsuit. Not particularly heroine chic, but they do all look like a team.

See? Also blue.

Also blue.

Also blue. And vaguely military.

Gray is the Navy’s other colour.

I also like posting pictures of Paris. Do they have a big shoot out at the Eiffel Tower? Has anyone seen this movie?

Anyway — still collecting votes: Is the A-Team a superhero team?


One Comment on “The A-Team in Paris”

  1. Mandy says:

    It was fairly entertaining. I have a ridiculous love for campy 80’s tv shows that aired before I was born, so I was familiar with the original show. The movie did a good job of staying campy, while also being relevant (that’s such a strong word). Jessica Biel, though… IDEK why she was in that movie.

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