Vampire Movie Week

From Saturday June 26 to Saturday July 3 Red Carpet Superhero will be celebrating Vampire Movie Week.

Six movies will be chosen from the following list of suggestions (based on availability and interest of the screening audience):

30 Days of Night
An American Vampire Story
Fright Night
Interview with the Vampire
Let the Right One In
The Lost Boys
Near Dark
Once Bitten
Shadow of the Vampire

The seventh film is, of course, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (opening June 30).

If you tweet about the event, remember to tag it #vampiremovieweek so I can follow along!

ETA: Due to scheduling issues with summer hours, VampireMovieWeek posts will continue past July 3rd until we’re done watching! Cheers!

4 Comments on “Vampire Movie Week”

  1. Sigrid Ellis says:

    You know, I think I don’t own a single one of those movies. And I think I’ve only seen a few —

    Interview, Let the Right One In, Lost Boys….. Yep. That’s it.

    • Anika says:

      Those are the three I’ve seen, but only Let the Right One In anything considered “recently”.

      You should pick one or two to screen and participate in the fun!

  2. Gabby says:

    This is fun!

    I’m not much of a vampire MOVIE person as I am a vampire TV person… My favorite vampire might be Angel (Buffy). Or Eric/Pam (True Blood).

    I will be following, and look forward to your reviews. I wanted to watch 30 Days of Night. Heard it was good!

    PS: Was it you that watched Daybreakers not long ago? That may be the only vampire movie I’ve watched. That’s what I call hilariously bad.

  3. […] Friday: Bryce Dallas Howard Jump to Comments Tomorrow kicks off our Vampire Movie Week (content will start Monday) so today I bring you a vampire. THE new vampire in Twilight’s […]

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