Superheroine of the Night: Miley Cyrus (MMVA II)

There were a few notables. Kristin Cavallari’s silver dress has a certain superheroine appeal. Katy Perry’s turquoise get up is incredibly heroine chic. But Miley — Miley gave us THREE heroine chic outfits.


This is what a superheroine wears out, off duty but still edgy and ready to rumble. And that award looks lethal, I like it Canada!


Okay, the shoes are a No and the bandana headband is a Really? but this is slap it on a cover heroine chic.

Finally three:

This is — well, it’s a leotard with bandages and those same horrible/ridiculous shoes. But it is also AMAZING. And her hair is down and mussed, just like a real comic book girl. Switch those awful shoes for boots and it would be perfect.

2 Comments on “Superheroine of the Night: Miley Cyrus (MMVA II)”

  1. Adoro muito a MILEY sou do BRASIL e não vejo a hora da MILEY vir fazer turner aqui no BRASIL meu eu sou muito fã dela e ela tem ONE VERY VERY fãs aqui no BRASIL pincipalmete la na MY SCHOOL
    espero que YOU traduza isso eu só sei falar ONE pouquinho de INGLESH , ONE KISS FOR YOU
    que I nem KNOW 🙂

  2. My reply PLIS 🙂 :p ♥ good bay

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