Interactive Wednesday: Let’s talk Tech Chic

Gadgets. Everybody has a few and face it, we’re only gonna keep getting more (until they start making cyber implants). But hey, gadgets are entirely Geek Chic:


I secretly like Megan Fox. She says too much, it endears her to me. So does the Star Wars shirt and the fact that she reads Gen 13.

Continuing the theme of starlets who purport to read comics, here’s Miley Cyrus and her gadget of choice:

In Miley’s hands that iPad looks big enough for me to do what I’d wanna do with it. It also looks small enough to fit in her ginourmous satchel but I get the impulse to carry it around in hand. Frankly, I wanna live this picture: fashion, Starbucks, and an iPad, sign me up.

Sticking with the Disney theme, Selena Gomez:

How cute is she? Marvel/Disney gotta get on my Spider-Girl (Arana, not May Day) (I know, I know, she isn’t Spider-Girl but that name would sell more movie tickets, I bet) movie before she’s too old to play her.

More Young Hollywood, Miranda Cosgrove:

As the star of iCarly she’s gotta be good with gadgets. LOVE the cropped leather, Miranda, and the pink sleeve for the phone. You iRock.

Emma Watson:

She has amazing Street Fashion, this is a beautiful candid. So much motion, I could write a story about a young British spy (daughter of James Bond, anyone?). Anyway, boys got gadgets, too:

Chris Pine starring in “Where’s Blackberry?” (in his hand, behind the coffee).

Joshua Jackson proves the buds alone are just as chic.

Well, maybe not JUST as chic when compared to tux-featuring-pattered-tie-plus-Diane-Kruger-in-white-and-silver-and-aren’t-we-just-the-best-ad-for-a-blackberry-ever?

Speaking of beautiful-and-adorable couples, Zac and Vanessa:

Okay, Vanessa looks a little bit bored, but this is still both beautiful and adorable.

But whose is the chic-est tech-chic (techic?) is for YOU to decide —

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