Flashback Friday: Bryce Dallas Howard

Tomorrow kicks off our Vampire Movie Week (content will start Monday) so today I bring you a vampire. THE new vampire in Twilight’s Eclipse, Bryce Dallas Howard:

Bryce took over the role of Victoria for the Twilight Saga’s third film and I am honestly interested in seeing if she is noticeably superior. She is certainly a bigger name (I, uh, don’t actually know who was the first Victoria) (Edited to add: Rachelle Lefevre; thank you Mizzelle) and it’s not like I don’t like Bryce or don’t think she’s talented… It’s not HER fault all the movies she’s been in have been PAINFULLY AWFUL. Right?

Why is Gwen Stacey introduced in the THIRD installment of the Spider-Man series? Bryce doesn’t know. It wasn’t HER decision. Anyway, Gwen is BY FAR not the worst or weirdest part of Spider-Man 3. There’s the dancing. And everything related to Sandman. And when Topher prays for help ending Peter Parker God sends him the Venom suit. And they retcon Uncle Ben’s death TWICE. Which is covered in “everything related to Sandman” but requires it’s own category. Did I mention the dancing? And is Bernard the butler CRACKED or what? Also, they mess with Uncle Ben’s death. Look it really bothers me. Basically everything that is not Harry Osborn or Bruce Campbell bothers me about that movie, but it’s not Bryce’s fault. Gwen is cute. Not that she bears much resemblance to her comic book self but … Right. I’ll just stop.

Here’s Bryce at the premiere of Terminator: Salvation. I don’t want to talk about the movie, it will result in RAGE. So, let’s talk about this awesome dress! Talk about heroine chic, I LOVE it. It looks like she is wearing a video game. This dress is about fifty thousand times too awesome to be paired with the poster for the travesty that is T4. I love desperately the Terminator series. I love all the characters. Bryce’s Kate was GREAT when she was played by Claire Danes in T3. But I’m not blaming Bryce! Bryce would be GREAT in THAT role, too, I bet. But in T4 she plays “I’m pregnant so I can’t do anything”. Every woman in T4 is rendered completely useless by the plot. What the hell happened between T2 and T4 to go from SARAH CONNOR, Warrior Mother and Savior of the World, to Girl Who Is Almost Raped and So Falls in Love with Robot Man after like Five Minutes and So Throws Away Her Life and I Hate This Character So Much I Refuse to Even Go Look Up Her Name for this Post?! But I’m not supposed to be talking about this.

Bryce does good with what she is given in the flick. And this dress is AWESOME.

She was also in two M. Night movies.

Let’s talk about the yellow dress.

It is actually gorgeous. Old-fashioned but it works on her, she has a bit of an old-Hollywood look to her.

The details are lovely, the purple necklace is a nice touch. The very red lips are a thing with her, but it works especially with this — plus everyone else who has worn a yellow dress has done the red lip, too. All in all, she stands out amongst the Twilight crowd.

I just hope there’s no surprise dance numbers in Eclipse.

One Comment on “Flashback Friday: Bryce Dallas Howard”

  1. Twyst says:

    This person should have been MJ, and there should have been no Gwen.

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