Kylie Minogue absolutely dazzles!

I remember a few years back Kylie Minogue was the musical guest on SNL when Ian McKellan was hosting. Instead of leaving after he introduced her, Ian sat down on the stage to watch her performance. It was adorable and while Magneto doesn’t strike me as a Dazzler fan, if he was, it’s the kind of thing he’d do — tickets are for plebeians!

My fellow Fangirl Jennifer has likened Dazzler to Lady Gaga and I know I’m not the only one who expects a Dazzler flick starring a Disney Diva to come out of Disney’s purchase of Marvel. But Dazzler was first introduced in 1980 and Kylie’s been a popstar almost as long. Kylie is classic Dazzler and this is classic heroine chic.

In her supersuit, cape, cape and those AMAZING BOOTS, she could spring off the stage and beat up the baddies at a moment’s notice. And I kinda think she WILL. Plus:

Look at the rest of her super-gang (the Scissor Sisters)!

Dazzler versus Magneto is maybe not so fair a fight — but in my imagining, she’s got him wrapped around her little finger.

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