Magical Emma Watson

The new Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows trailer has me, just like everyone, ENORMOUSLY EXCITED. I love, love, love Harry Potter, books and film — I consider them parallel universes so I can enjoy each on its own merits. Of which there are THOUSANDS. And if Hermione must be considered allegorical to Bella (Wrong! Harry is the comparative to Bella, Hermione is probably Jacob because Ron has to be Edward and the rest of the Cullens are the rest of the Weasleys. But IF, as has been done A LOT –) Hermione LAUGHS (politely) and Bella walks off sulkingly because that’s all Bella does.

Anyway. As was pointed out to me by spudsfan, about a minute in to the trailer we have this:

OMG, y’all. Hermione is Zatanna!!

Well, she’s like Zatanna. Crossed with Mad Mod. And resulting in something similar to Ten’s pinstripes:

Which is rather excellent. I totally want Emma Watson to be the Twelfth Doctor. But Zatanna and Hermione have MAGIC in common.

And Emma’s happy to sport a top hat —

— button down —

— and show off her legs.

Life is a cabaret, old chum.

And Emma knows how to work it. She’d do Zee proud.


One Comment on “Magical Emma Watson”

  1. Sigrid Ellis says:

    That one miniskirt has D-rings on the sides.

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