Summer Notice and Chanel Girl

I clearly should have posted this about a week and a half ago, but: welcome to the Summer Schedule of Red Carpet Superhero! Posts will be fewer as I am off and away (and there are some fewer awards shows and gala events to cover). But never fear, my commitment to heroine chic is STRONG and I will pop up at the least weekly and return to a more frenzied pace as we approach Fall (and hopefully cooler temperatures). I’ve gotten some great suggestions for content so do please feel free to email ( or tweet (@tightropemarvel or @magnetgirl) me suggestions and/or any images you may stumble upon!

And here is our superheroine of the day:

Laura Steel as Chanel Girl. Which is not a great name and might be misunderstood as Channel Girl (isn’t there a kid in the second X-Men movie who can channel surf with his eyes?) but CoCo has been taken over by Conan O’Brien. And Chanella is too Disney crossed with Barbarella which is … no.

You know what? She’s a Chanel Bot. Like a Doom Bot to Karl Lagerfeld’s Doom (EPIC IDEA).

Anyway, I would totally wear this. Like. Everywhere. I would make sure to get a top that fit and wear FAR fiercer shoes (I mean, really) but if there existed a Chanel superhero THIS is it, ne?

Actually the top should just be the logo. THEN it would be perfect.

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