Don’t Stop Baby Spice

This picture came across my screen and I just HAD to post it.

It’s not particularly heroine chic. It’s not that exciting a dress. But it’s Baby Spice. In front of a giant circle that quotes Journey. The me that really kinda STILL loves the Spice Girls just couldn’t let it pass without a shout out.

So here’s her new group:

The show is being billed as “as a cross between The X Factor and hit U.S. TV show Glee, will search for the UK’s best new musical group” … I think that’s not really Glee-like, but, okay. All of these outfits look like flashback wear, but I guess that’s in style. Tamzin Outhwaite’s blue number with the pink and silver stripes is closest to heroine chic in the way it resembles something that would be on Star Trek: The Next Generation. I suppose Chucky and Duncan (these people have amazing names) should get some points for long jacket/hat and ascot-ish/vest respectively.

And just for the flashback:

Oh, this movie. Look at them. I can totally believe they could save the world.


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