Superheroine of the Night: Um. You Decide. (ESPYs II)

There was no ZAC EFRON on the women’s side last night. Really, all the men were more super. There were maybes, like this on John Henson’s Guest:

I would really love to really see this look because what I imagine from this one glimpse is amazing. I picture a black jumper that ends in hot pants with a flowy pink cover-up and I picture it on a girl who could be Kara Zor-El. Maybe it is for the best this is it for photos because I’d be so disappointed if it wasn’t that.

Here’s another Guest (of Carlos Bocanegra) with what could pass for heroine chic maybe.

Riley Steele in what looks like a similar almost-maybe-heroine-chic dress.

Emanuelle Chiriqui has a heroine’s bodice.

But the skirt is … strange.

Erin Andrews dress could pass for heroine chic but I feel like I’ve seen it a hundred times already.

And finally, as previously mentioned, Zac’s Jean Grey:

I’m pretty sure Ashley Greene does get my vote, but who gets YOURS?

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