Spy Style: Angelina Jolie

Angie’s new spy thriller Salt lands in theaters this Friday, July 23, and last night she sparkled at the Red Carpet premiere in Los Angeles:

Very pretty, Angie. Armani, her old standard, and it suits her. Love that it shows off her legs and arms and love even more that she lets her hair fly free. She’s carrying herself like a movie star.

Pretty. Sparkly. Kinda boring. Diane’s black sequins were more memorable.

Sorry, Angie, I call it like I see it. It’s lovely but it’s missing something. Especially those shoes. Those shoes are a mess. They look like they don’t fit and what possessed you to pair nude peek-a-toe pumps with your sparkly dress dress anyway?

But I know what it needs.

Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Smith! Brad knows how to do spy style.

Without Brad — beautiful, beautiful, striking a pose like Kristen Stewart only wishes she could, damn I want to see this movie.

With Brad — spytastic.

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