Spy Style: Liev Schreiber

I would see Salt just for Angie but if you’re wavering here’s another reason to go:

Liev Schreiber is a yummy scowling CIA agent. Let’s see how he does on the Red Carpet:

Lovely, lovely, lovely — WHAT?!

Okay. I think I understand Liev’s thinking. It works in this picture:

Angelina plays the title role. She’s the star, her face is on the poster, her character is the tag line — does anyone even know Liev’s character’s name? No.

And Naomi Watts is Naomi Watts. I get it. He’s thinking, between Naomi and Angelina (not to mention Brad Pitt) is anyone going to be looking at ME? Really?

Naomi is a stunning plus one, this is true. Very good distraction. But I still noticed and there is no excuse.

What is the deal with these SHOES?!

I mean, they kinda match Angie’s?


Naomi IS stunning. I don’t love the tube dress, but this one looks great on her and she and Angelina compliment each other, so that’s neat. But there’s one thing Naomi has over both Angie and Liev.

Naomi understands the importance of shoes.

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