Spy Style: Piper Perabo

I have a thing for spies. All spies, any spies. And I have nearly as big a thing for spy style. Think of James Bond, Michael Westen, Sydney Bristow, La Femme Nikita — style is a significant part of being a spy and I don’t just mean presentation. I also mean shoes.

Piper Perabo sported these Christian Louboutin pumps in the pilot of USA’s new spytastic series Covert Affairs. If you haven’t seen it you obviously don’t watch USA because it was on every other hour for the last week. And cleverly enough these shoes showed up again on USA’s Burn Notice cinching that the shoes make the spy. Or at least make the spy look spytastic.

Covert Affairs is a show about the CIA and everyone on it is pretty and well-dressed — but Piper told Jimmy Fallon that all the real CIA agents she met preparing for the show were also pretty and well-dressed. I find the pink dress in this promo shot to be a bit much. It absolutely says I’m hella sexy and I’m sure she can be just as scrappy in it as she can in anything (that’s the thing about spies and spy style — their clothes don’t get in their way, it’s like magic) BUT, this shot doesn’t say “I’m on an awesome spy series” it says “We are really hot”. Which is great marketing! But not quuuiiiiite my definition of spy style.

Here’s a shot from the pilot that better introduces the characters. Piper’s Annie looks professional (if close enough to a DC call girl) and Christopher Gorham’s Auggie looks adorable. The cardigan is ballsy, the purple tie is amazing, and the headphones are the most perfect accessory ever.

And here they are at the aptly named “Characters Approved” USA Network Luncheon. They’re themselves but nonetheless I like this better as an example of spy style than the first. It’s not trying so hard to be spytastic, it just is. Christopher’s sweater choice is on point again and I just love both their looks. I only wish I could see her shoes.

Covert Affairs new episode airs — and wears! — tonight at 10PM (9 Central) on USA.


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