Spy Style: Valerie Plame

Valerie Plame was a for real super spy in the CIA. She was outed by the Bush administration, lost her job, wrote a book, Doug Liman (the man behind the Bourne films and USA’s Covert Affairs) made it in to a movie starring Naomi Watts, and last May they walked the Red Carpet together at Cannes:

I hope they make it all the way to the Academy because this is true beauty.

According to Piper Perabo, it’s the connections Liman made while making Fair Game that got her into the CIA to meet with real agent so she might better build her character for Covert Affairs. So we kinda have Valerie to thank for that, too. But Liev Schreiber was even more direct.

Liev was putting together Salt at the same time Naomi was putting together Fair Game, so he got to spend time with Valerie.

“Valerie was around a lot and I got to hang out with her,” Schreiber remembers. “And I had met a lot of CIA consultants, none under the conditions I had met Valerie in. Valerie was particularly interesting to me because usually you meet a consultant, they’re happy to be on a film, that they’re working on a movie and meeting movie stars. But Valerie was someone different. She was someone who had been fingered by her own government and exposed. So she had an interesting relationship to the CIA. And what I got from Valerie, which was of value to me, was the patriotism … That woman is truly an American patriot. That was always her motivation until she was exposed. And I think that was devastating for her. You could see that in her. Emotionally, it was something that hurt her very much. And you think about it — they don’t get a tremendous amount of money, so who does that and why do they do that? That’s to me why (spies) are such wonderful characters.” (Source)

I haven’t met Valerie Plame, or any other member of the CIA (that I know of!), so I can’t say it personally — but I love this little insight into who she is from the perspective of someone on the outside of her story and yet immersed in it. I can’t wait to see both movies.

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