Flashback Friday: James Bond

I have a confession. I’ve never seen Quantum of Solace. So it is partially my fault that they’re not making another one. But, see, (confession #2) I didn’t really like Casino Royale. It felt overly long and oddly slow for a BOND film. I liked Craig fine but I liked him in Tomb Raider, too, and basically, imagining a James Bond/Lara Croft crossover was way less boring than watching Casino Royale. So I just didn’t go to the next one. I have seen every other Bond film. We watched them all over a summer, as a project, circa Die Another Day. Now that we don’t have any new ones to wait for, it might be a good time to do it again — and I’d finally see Quantum of Solace.

When I think of James Bond, I picture Pierce Brosnan because he was the first one I encountered (this is pretty common, I think). But, (confession #3?) my favourite Bond is Timothy Dalton. I really like all the actors in the role for different reasons, but Dalton’s interpretation has something that speaks to me. I like his gravity.

As far as Spy Style goes, James Bond epitomizes it: the gentleman spy with designer clothes, luxury cars, and glamorous gadgets. Here are all six Bonds sporting the bow tie:

Sean Connery remains the gold standard of Bond and for good reason. He introduced the movie going public to the character and the franchise wouldn’t exist if he didn’t sell it first.

George Lazenby is still considered “the one that got away”. I’ve heard a lot of people say Craig’s Bond is closest to Lazenby which makes sense to me since His Majesty’s Secret Service kinda bored me, too. I like Bond a certain way, what can I say?

Roger Moore’s (long!) run ends pretty ridiculously, and I personally think his first outing is his best (and Jane Seymour is possibly my favourite of all Bond girls), but he certainly put his stamp on it and should be commended.

As I said, Dalton is my James. Gritty but still Bond.

But I do love Pierce (and his co-stars populate my favourite supporting cast).

And finally Daniel …. he’s just ridiculously sexy, yes. And the main reason I am sad they’re not making the Golden Compass sequels. Poor guy keeps getting his franchises dropped! But he’s got Tintin coming up which I am ABSURDLY EXCITED for. But anyway, Craig as Bond — dead sexy, I wish I liked his movie more.

SO, tell me yours!

Any thoughts on who should wear the bowtie next? And let me know if you think a re-re-watch is a good idea!


One Comment on “Flashback Friday: James Bond”

  1. genaverse says:

    As a kid, I read a lot of the Ian Fleming books and short stories. Daniel Craig’s movies come the closest to what I remember from the books in my opinion (sans 2010 technology, of course).

    Then again, it’s been about two decades since I read them, so who knows what I remember.

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