I would like to be Anna Torv’s Stylist (Comic-Con)

Fringe‘s Anna Torv is beautiful, that’s just fact. And Olivia Dumham’s fashion is almost as fierce as Olivia Dunham is.

Action Olivia:

Walter’s Storybook Olivia:

Alternate Olivia:

Always fierce.

But Anna’s ‘civillian’ fashion…well, it’s easier to show you.

Here she is at the Fox UpFronts in May. What? I mean seriously, what is this? It does show off her legs. And it is almost heroine chic in that it counts for that throwback to TNG style, and I guess leggings are in. Ish. But it is weird. And not Fringe weird. I don’t get what that top is doing weird. Still that’s just one look from months ago, let’s look at what she sported for San Diego.

Here’s Anna with Elizabeth Mitchell and Jena Malone for the Women Kick Ass Panel (awesome). This dress is not awful. It’s quite nice actually. I find the shoes boring and fit might still be a little off — or it might be the pattern making it look a little tight. Overall, this is good. And Jena Malone scares me.

This is for the Fringe Panel. I think I hate it. She is very pretty. But this dress needs work. Maybe if we cut off the sleeves? Or maybe if it actually fit her body?

It just looks so frumpy. I saved the picture as “ew” and that’s how I describe it.

This, perhaps oddly, I really like. It is vaguely heroine chic and it is cute. But it is also a jumper and that is walking a very thin fashion line.

So, Anna. I’d like to help. I want to see you on the Best Dressed lists not the What Is That Exactly and Why Does It Fall Like That and Why Doesn’t It Fit Right Huh? lists. Trust me, together, we can make this work.

3 Comments on “I would like to be Anna Torv’s Stylist (Comic-Con)”

  1. Tony Wolf says:

    Great stuff as always, Magnet Girl! You’ve inspired me, a straight guy who nevertheless apprecites qualtity design/visuals (and to some limited degree, fashion), to appreciate the rarely-considered fusion of the fashion world and superheroes! 😉


  2. Awesome post! Alternative Olivia is so fierce. Also, Jena Malone kinda scares me too.

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