This is a post about Green Lantern. But mostly Blake Lively. (Comic-Con)

Okay, here’s the obligatory Ryan Reynolds/Hal Jordan picture:

I don’t really get the appeal of either. Let’s talk about why I care about Green Lantern:

I’ve only just started watching Gossip Girl and I barely know who Carol Ferris is. But I love to watch Blake wear clothes. She never disappoints. In this shot this outfit doesn’t even look that awful. Kooky but flattering. Let’s move in a bit.

Okay, here it looks half early-nineties-vision-of-the-future (which is totally a trend right now), half late-eighties-glam (which is also a trend). Her breasts are nicely framed if that’s what you go for. I don’t like how the top is fitted and the bottom seems to have excess fabric. And it’s all very …shiny. But what really makes this notable is —

— it’s pants. Sort of harem pants. All together it’s just. Wow. Blake.

But the more I hear about this movie the more I think whatever kooky looks Blake Lively wears to promote it are going to be the best part.


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