Interactive Wednesday: Avengers! (Comic-Con)

As I’m sure you’ve heard, ladies and gentleman, your Avengers:

I could babble about my excitement (of which there is LOTS) or my concerns (of which there are MANY) but instead let’s talk fashion.

We got two new confirmations about the cast. One, Jeremy Renner is our Hawkeye:

One: hot! Two: this cast can ACT. Three: the little grin in this pic is very Clint, I approve. For some reason (maybe it’s the magical blue energy ball) this picture reminds me of Luna Lovegood in Half-Blood Prince telling Harry his broken nose gives him a devil-may-care look. So while the fashion is pretty blase, I like the devil-may-care look.

Second cast confirmation: Mark Ruffalo is our new Bruce Banner.

When I saw the lists of possibles right after Norton was out, Ruffalo was my favourite choice, I am sort of amazed he won out. But yay! Even if my mind does go instantly to Hulk/Elektra thanks to 13 Going on 30. As for the look: nice pinstripes!

Now we have cast we knew, our Nick Fury (with the newbies):

Ha ha ha, I love this picture. Mark looks a little lost but game to try, Jeremy’s got his fist up to look like he cares and is nudging Sam to do the same (because he actually does, he just doesn’t want to lose his devil-may-care rep), and Sam’s all “I effing hate this part of the job”. In other words, totally in character.

This is far from my favorite SLJ look but I do dig the hat and glasses. Just not as badass as I expect.

Chris Hemsworth is looking very Thor.:

So much I don’t think Kirk’s Daddy at all. I like the gray on gray — he is looking a bit badass.

Then there’s our Cap, Chris Evans:

This is NOT making me forget Johnny Storm. Though, it’s not making me think Johnny Storm either … it’s kinda making me think Clark Kent. Bit of a country boy feel. Or at least Downeaster Alexa. Yuppie fisherman chic isn’t exactly what I want out of my Captain America but I will give him points for the rather adorable eyebrows.

Hey, there’s a woman on stage:

Um. I get the idea Scarjo decided a) I should wear black, cuz I’m Black Widow b) I’m the only double x chromosome up here so whatever, if I smile and wear a corset, that should be enough, right? I don’t have to brush my hair or anything, I’ll STILL be the sexy one in the room. Right?

I mean I like the look but if this pic doesn’t say grin and bear it (and don’t look at my hair) I dunno what does.

Finally, our Tony Stark:


On someone else chocolate velvet jacket + green diamond tie + that HAIR + THOSE GLASSES could be over the top. But on RDJ?


What do you think?

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