Fergie has an official superheroine name y’all!

I got an email from the XL Center here in CT saying there were tickets newly available for the Black-Eyed Peas concert and I found myself incredibly tempted to go. I’m a fan of the music but I think it has more to do with all the amazing outfits they’ve been parading around this tour. I want to see these things LIVE.

But here’s Fergie’s most recent off-stage appearance:

Girl. I love it. And this picture cinches it: welcome to the superhero fold, darling. Not only is this deliciously heroine chic, the backdrop gives us the perfect name.

The Duchess started out a supervillain, that explains the edge she has to her looks (rock that ’90’s nail polish, Fergie) — how about she was SPYING on the BEPeas’ and she was GREAT at it, but the longer she was undercover the more she liked them and their do-gooder ways. Then she fell in love (Josh Duhamel is in a flick with Katie Holmes and Anna Paquin out in September — and you maybe saw him in that little movie about Transforming robots) and now she is a do-gooder herself. So she needs a new code name.


With the name and the look she actually has me wanting to buy this perfume. And I love this dress. It is quirky and punky and fun but it has an elegance amidst its flair. But if you want more of a costume for her costume she can SPEAK OUT! and transform into:

Clearly her Battle Mode, ne?

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