Best Dressed: Lea Michele and Joshua Jackson (Teen Choice)

Ladies and gentleman, I bring you the best part of the Teen Choice Awards:

Now, admittedly, I’m not a teen. But look at them. Just LOOK at them.

Here’s Lea:

It’s Naeem Khan with Christian Dior shoes. And it is perfect.

Lea has been a hit more than a miss in her fashion choices since GLEE exploded and she’s been everywhere, but this really stole the show for me. It’s cute and fresh and just the right balance of flash and style for this particular venue (catering to screaming teen girls). It says I know who I am and I am hot right now.

It is also incredibly heroine chic. Poison Ivy anyone?

The shoes I can go either way. They fit the look and wedges are a better choice than stilettos for anyone needing to walk (and certainly for a superheroine). They look huge because she’s so tiny but I get wanting to be only a head shorter than your co-announcer.

Yes, Lea, let’s talk about Josh’s look.

Josh won his category three years running back at the turn of the century (1999-2001) so while he’s not a teen anymore, either, he knows how to fit in. This is HOT.

Watching the red-blue-green carpet Sunday night this young woman was at turns mis-identified by the Tweeting masses as both Anna Torv and Diane Kruger. She is his sister, Aisleagh, though I wouldn’t be surprised if that was Diane’s hat (or inspired by Diane and her hats. I also give Diane most of the credit for Josh’s look). Anyway, I think it’s super cute he brought his sister (in her super cute shoes!), now I’m wondering if she is a Twilight and/or Glee fan.

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