McCord, McCord, and McCord

I admit this doesn’t immediately read “superhero”:

More country singing girl group or maybe beauty queen karaoke. But let’s break it down to be sure.

Rachel in red. Or pink. Or something, it’s a mystery. This whole look is trying to be a mystery but it’s kinda trying too hard. The shoes are definitely the most INTERESTING part. And she certainly is selling her smile here.

AnnaLynne in green. And actually, I really love the colour on her. Plus AnnaLynne has this going on:

Sure it’s a little cheesy/cheeky but that’s kinda what makes this hairstyle work as heroine chic.

And Angel in blue. Green. Teal. Whatever. Angel’s the best name for a superheroine OR a country singing girl group siren OR a beauty/karaoke queen but she’s the most dubiously famous of these dubiously famous sisters so no lonesome pics.

So, no, not heroine chic. BUT, in their colours and texture they could totally be a Random Encounter Villainous Group. Or possibly the Totally Spies Ten Years Later. Except I like Totally Spies way more than these three.


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