Flashback Friday: January Jones

You’ve heard the news. Betty Draper is the new Emma Frost in X-Men First Class. Or January Jones is, but at least 80% of the announcements called her Betty first, January second (and the last 20% had lines about January Frosting. So clever, right?). On the surface, Emma and Betty are quite similar. Underneath the surface they are nothing alike, and that makes it all the more interesting.

It is very unclear to me (and I’d venture a guess, to EVERYONE) what this movie is about. Emma Frost is not a “First Class” X-Men (meaning one of the first members of the team, whether or not she is First Class meaning awesome is up for debate and something of a polarizing topic for many fans — another similarity to Betty Draper, I’ll add). My favourite Emma is actually found in her solo title that featured her early years (circa First Class) but who knows what Emma this Emma is going to be so who knows if January is a good fit!

But we can discuss her LOOK.

One thing is certain, Emma wears white. January?

Nice! Here’s the full look:

Crisp, clean, feminine, pristine — very Emma. But can you pull off this:

I truly love that cropped word bubble. It just says everything PERFECTLY, dontcha think? Anyway, January —

Strange cutouts okay! This look (worn to a Golden Globes party in January) is nicely heroine chic if a bit too pink for Emma Frost.

Last year’ Emmy Awards. Flawless. And heroine chic. And Emmarific. Just look at those sparkling shoes!

ONLY Emma Frost would wear leggings with rhinestone knee pads (actually, I would totally wear those).

The idea of Emma Frost shopping Target is hilarious. The idea of Emma Frost dating an SNL guy is also pretty hilarious — but there was that Bobby Drake flirtation.

One more, from the ESPYs:

It’s Scott and Emma! Just kidding — though, at this point I’m gonna be sad when they finally do cast Scott and it’s not Zac. But this is about January and I think it’s clear she has the LOOK. …And I kinda want her to end up on Micheal Fassbender’s Magneto’s side because that would be very pretty.

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