Ready to Wear Superhero: Power Girl


If I were to make a list of the superheroes with the hardest costumes to pull off and wear as modern fashion, Power Girl would be near the top. She has a very iconic look that is “Superhero” from head to toe. She’s got a ridiculous figure and shows it off to the best of her ability. Most people would think that it would be impossible for a modern woman to dress as Power Girl and not be laughed off the streets. If any costume should remain in the realm of cosplay to be seen only at comic-con and then only on a few genetically blessed women (or disturbingly misguided men!) you would think it would be Power Girl.

However my friends over at Fantastic Fangirls have issued me the challenge. Can a modern woman pull off a ready-to-wear Power Girl look and still look fashionable? Lets see what we can do.

As always, first we need to examine the silhouette. For Power Girl and her proud lack of pants we may need to cheat the silhouette a bit here and there to achieve the look without looking like you’re going to aerobics class in the 1980’s. We’ll need:

A white, long-sleeved top
Blue boots
A red belt
A red cape on one shoulder
(Blue gloves)

Seems simple enough, but who’d be caught dead in the above, right? Well, in the immortal words of Tim Gunn let’s “Make it Work!”

The Basics:

The most important single element here is the white long-sleeved top. Power Girl sports a large number of head-scratching choices, but the long sleeves on top with no pants on bottom is a big one. As with Wonder Woman choosing a shirt that looks good on you and that you feel comfortable in is most important. Nothing is more unattractive than a person wearing clothes that make her feel uncomfortable. Since the modern take on Power Girl’s costume has a lot of subtle piping or reinforced seams, you might want to go with a compression shirt or a rash guard:

I kinda like the body glove one. Its blue detail is right on with the rest of Power Girl’s look and adds color to the arms that means we can go without the gloves which will probably be impractical.

But I know what you’re saying. These are not shirts most people would wear out. They are practically bathing suits. Power Girl’s top has a very workout, exercise look to it. It’s a look that might not be for everyone. If you want something a little more pedestrian, we can focus on the keyhole front. They are more common than you might think.

The gold detail on this goes well with the rest of Power girl’s look. Though the keyhole is small, it is an iconic nod to the costume. If you want you could just go with a scoop necked white long sleeved t-shirt and still get the point across.

I could find interesting long sleeved white tops all day, but that’s your job. Find something that’s your style, Find something that has some element that says Power Girl, and you’re set.

The next element to find is the boots. Blue boots are a lot of look. They won’t go with many of your outfits and they’ll take a strong personality to wear. For the right colors but a little more wearable, you might try some entry-level blue shoes or blue low boots. Remember Power Girl exudes confidence and sex appeal and your footwear should do the same.

These slouchy boots really remind me of Power Girl’s boots without being over the top. Even some “statement” blue shoes could create the right effect.

Depending on the rest of your outfit you might want to go all out and get some incredible boots. These things can get pricey quickly, so really plan your outfit before you lay down major cash for these boots.

Another way to achieve the boot silhouette is to go with a pair of blue leg warmers over the hot shoes of your choice.

The big question becomes what to wear on your bottom half. I think as long as the choice fulfills one of the following criteria it will work:

Your bottom half shows of your legs
Your bottom half is form-fitting and tight on the leg

Of course you’ll also want to match the basic color scheme of Power Girl as well. This means your bottoms could range from tight blue jeans to a short flirty skirt. I personally like the idea of a short white skirt layered with the white top.

I think they layered white on white could look really good here. And hey, if ladies can win US opens in these skirts I’m sure Power Girl can fight crime. You could even go with a fuller skirt as long as its short enough to show off plenty of leg.

Sure it’s a little bit costumey, but I think it’s a good look. Remember white shorts, blue jeans, or even change up the top to a long sleeve mini-dress and pair it with leggings.


If you want to add a belt, I say give a nod to Amanda Conner’s Power Girl by getting this belt buckle and put it on a red belt.

If the buckle is too much for you, just use an interesting red belt. Perhaps one with a detail found in your shoes or skirt.

For gloves, I would leave them off. But if you simply must have gloves, make sure they match your boots in some way, especially in color. If you boots are muted suede blue and your gloves are bright blue vinyl, that’s not going to look very good.
This will be pretty easy if you ended up going with blue leg warmers as blue knit gloves are pretty easy to find. Your gloves should be too long either. For a runway look I might use fingerless blue gloves that match my boots.

Now we come to the cape and I’m forced to reveal one of my big style secrets. Obviously a cape is pretty impractical for ready-to-wear modern fashion. When Smallville was faced with this problem they just gave Clark Kent a red hooded sweatshirt. That worked pretty good, but it’s not very fashionable. I think in 2010 the perfect analog for a red cape worn on one shoulder is:

The Scarf. It is so simple, but perfect. The red scarf you choose for your Power Girl look is very important and it is essential to the look. If your top is plain or you’re going with blue jeans, go for a big bulky knit red scarf. If you went with leg warmers and a knit top, try a classic red silk scarf. If it’s in you’re price range, a 100% cashmere red scarf goes with anything and will last you for many, many years.

Another tip for your scarf, I think the longer the better. It will be hard to go too long on this one. Unless you can find a 15-foot long Tom Baker length red scarf, I think the longer the better no matter what material you go with. This will really give the cape look.

So even a pure superhero costume like Power Girl can be the inspiration for your every day wear. As always have fun. Power Girl wears the costume she does because she chooses to. Do the same and pick the styles that make you happy and make you feel invincible, too.

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Design Image by Christian Milik.


5 Comments on “Ready to Wear Superhero: Power Girl”

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  2. Caroline says:

    This is excellent. It also makes me wonder if Knives Chau’s scarf in Scott Pilgrim is secretly a cape:

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  4. Anonymous says:

    this is g Ay

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