Hit and/or Miss! (Emmys)

To be entirely honest, these are my favourite looks. A truly GREAT Red Carpet Look should have just as much chance of being on the Worst Dressed lists as the Best Dressed lists. Not everybody gets to DO this, I appreciate the ones who wear A Lot of Look proudly.

Anna Paquin looked daring in Alexander McQueen. The heroine chic is high and so is the risk. I don’t love this dress — it’s dark and heavy on her, especially with her (shall we say) vampiric colouring. But she is carrying it, I can tell she felt STRONG in this look. PROUD. And that I absolutely love.


Together with brand new husband Stephen Moyer they make all the right statements.

Just in case you forgot, Heidi Klum is a supermodel. In this teensy Marchesa she makes the girl behind her look half her size (remember when Heidi played a hot giantess in Ella Enchanted? So good). It’s almost too teensy, and teetering around not-age-appropriate (Heidi is 37 and a mom-of-four), but come on. LOOK at her.

High fashion is not made for Christina Hendricks’ figure and this stunningly gorgeous woman has worn disturbingly froufy and sad frocks in the past. But this is eye-popping. I love it in the long, shows off all her curves beautifully.

Closer it loses some of the va-va-va-voom and the color is still sad. But her hair is amazing and on the whole, I think a huge win.

Lea Michele looks breathlessly happy and the dress fits her like a glove. But I don’t like it at all. When I first saw her in the thumbnail on Getty she looked at least 40 years old. The make-up is definitely wrong and the dark navy is just too much. If the dress were a lighter colour it wouldn’t be so maturing. As is it’s closer to miss for me.

This dress, on Lea’s costar, Dianna Agron, I love. To be perfect I’d chop it at the knees and loosen her hair but I really love the dress to death.

Sofia Vergara could wear an actual Chiquita Banana Outfit and look like Cleopatra so I suppose I have no complaints about her sparkly banana look. It is actually quite appealing.

2 Comments on “Hit and/or Miss! (Emmys)”

  1. RaeBeta says:

    I would love Christina Hendricks’s gown a million times more if it didn’t have those awful dressing-gown sleeves. Strapless or with wee cap sleeves, it would easily have been my favorite of the night.

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