Superheroine of the Night: Cher (VMAs)

There’s a lot of chatter about why there still are Video Music Awards on MTV since MTV never shows music videos anymore. Well, that may be, but the videos are still being made! And they are available for viewing On Demand, on youtube, on the artists’ websites, on MTV affiliated stations and once in a blue moon on MTV. Music Television may be a dying idea but Music Videos are alive and well.

Also alive and well:


Cher wore this to give Lady Gaga her Video of the Year award. Gaga may be her clear successor but this says clearly and incredibly sheerly — don’t EVER count out CHER.

And especially with that pink satin lining on the jacket, she is my new favourite version of Star Sapphire.

One Comment on “Superheroine of the Night: Cher (VMAs)”

  1. RaeBeta says:

    I need Cher and Janelle Monae to team up. Not musically–just to run a floating technoutopia from the future.

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