(Mc)Queen of Everything: Lady Gaga (VMAs)

Lady Gaga continues to transcend any category at all. And with careful and calculated deliberation.

This lovely Alexander McQueen creation is overpowering this little backstage area and should look ridiculous. But somehow she doesn’t. She just looks like GAGA.

I’m not going to post the Meat Dress because … Ew. But here’s the “Fashion Roadkill” dress (funny that the MEAT dress is not the Fashion Roadkill dress, ne?):

I love Gaga+Glee. I also love Jane Lynch:

Yes to everything, even the polka dots. She is totally a zany superwoman. And I cast Kennedy as her sidekick:


OR, add Emma Stone:

(It’s like the mini-non-Gaga version of the Fashion Roadkill dress and v v heroine chic!) and Ashley Greene:

(The dress is not so heroine chic as this GREAT picture of her hair) and they can be a TEAM.

They just need a name.

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