Interactive Weekend: NYCC

This weekend I will be at New York Comic-Con along with thousands of my closest friends. Or, well, people I don’t know but share a love of superheroes with so it’s AS IF we are close friends. If one of my thousands of close personal friends was Karl Lagerfeld I would totally wear THIS to NYCC:

Style that with something like this handbag and gloves:

And voilà! King Karl redesigned Ms. Marvel’s look for the runway (Chanel Spring Collection 2011). Put it on actual close personal friend of Lagerfeld Diane Kruger and I’m happy.

If YOU are going to NYCC, I’d love to meet you! I (sadly) won’t be in off-the-runway Chanel, but I plan to tweet pics of GREAT COMIC-CON LOOKS and I’ll start the morning by sending out MY look of the day so you know how to find me (and snag a Hellcats or Heroine Chic sticker). If you see a GREAT COMIC-CON LOOK (cosplay, heroine chic, or {insert your definition of GREAT here}) I hope you point it out to me (tweet, email, push, or shout out and literally point)!

I am also covering the Con for Fantastic Fangirls along with WonderAli.

Hope to see you soon!


One Comment on “Interactive Weekend: NYCC”

  1. Mandy says:

    Have fun! I’m super jello!

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