My Power Girl Weekend

To be honest, I generally go to conventions to dress up and go shopping (to be entirely honest, I generally go everywhere to dress up and go shopping). But I went to this year’s New York Comic Con with one specific creator meet-up in mind:

I’ve always been a huge fan of Amanda Conner’s art and then I read Power Girl for the Fantastic Fangirls book club, and we did Ready-to-Wear Power Girl here at Red Carpet Superhero. I’d heard from fellow Fantastic Fangirl Caroline that Amanda had seen and enjoyed the posts, but I wanted to hear it from her. So, trade in hand, I set out to find her.

Amanda and Jimmy (Palmiotti, a writer on Power Girl and Amanda’s fiancée) were just sitting down at their tables in Artist’s Alley when I got there Sunday afternoon. Amanda already had a line, as she had when I’d been by the day before. She later said she always has a line — but it’s not because she’s so popular just that she loves to chat. I think that may be too modest (actually, I know it is), but she also loves to chat. I introduced myself and she remembered the blog so I got to say thank you and she got to say thank you back. She signed my book, I complimented PG’s street wardrobe and then suddenly there I was chatting about Karen Starr’s (perfect) fashion sense with Amanda Conner. I’d’ve been more than happy to continue that the rest of the afternoon but she had that line of course. So I moved over to Jimmy.

While in line for Amanda I’d overheard Jimmy talking with a young artist. He had a portfolio and that same deer in the headlights look I often see in my mirror. I don’t know how many prospective creators come up to Jimmy Palmiotti but this was the third day of a very crowded con and I knew his schedule was packed; I wouldn’t have begrudged him if he was weary of it. But he took this kid seriously and he calmly gave him real advice. Don’t do this, don’t do this, do do that, do do that. It was the same advice you can get off a decent website or publication but in my experience it becomes more real when you get it from someone in the field. Someone you admire and respect. And it always feels good to be given respect in return. It really impressed me.

Amanda had said it was media-savvy Jimmy who’d found our articles so I thanked him for that (apparently we showed up in his Amanda Conner/Power Girl Google alert; that’s adorable and hey, good to know!). He signed my Power Girl and the first issue of Freedom Fighters, which was a bit crumpled — but we agreed that comics are meant to be read, not kept untouched in plastic. I’ve decided that philosophy perfectly describes Jimmy Palmiotti.

As I waved goodbye he said to keep up the blog, it’s fun. And with that the encounter became the best I’ve had at any con ever.

And to make the weekend Power Girl Perfect, I also met Laura Hudson of Comics Alliance and saw her RTW Power Girl look live and in person. She had the dress made for this year’s San Diego Comic Con and in New York wore it proudly to the iFanboy Party Saturday night. I saw it from across the way and had to zoom over and snap a picture (she was kind enough to link me the higher quality one above).

Thank you Amanda, Jimmy, and Laura for making my con Powerful!


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