Night of a Thousand Ingenues (PCAs)

The title of this post is not meant to refer to the fact that newly single Zac Efron was photographed with every young woman at the awards show (but just sos you know, he was). No, it refers to the parade of actresses 16 to 26 that peopled the Peoples Choice “red” (it’s blue) carpet.

Let’s start with MY choice for Best New TV Drama, here are the Hellcats (Aly Michalka and Ashley Tisdale):

Ugh. Why did they decide to dress like the Desperate Housewives?

Here’s Ashley’s best pic:

Okay, not really. But I LOVE that tattoo. And I do not at all love her look. I like the print and if it was shorter maybe? Or if she wasn’t so tan? She just doesn’t look young and fresh and she is so I blame the styling.

Here’s Aly and her sister Amanda:

Adorable pose. And cute shoes. And… well… let’s look at just Amanda.

Oh my gauze. Why girls, why?

Leighton Meester would fit in well at the Tiki Room in Disneyland.

As would Tiffany Hines. But they both look cuter than Ashley, Aly, and AJ, so.

Also cuter than the As, Katy Perry:

Okay, it’s a bit My Little Pony but she’s Katy Perry. She gets away with it.

Kristen Stewart is wearing her traditional tight and tight (here in gold-brown and sparkles by Reem Acra) with mussed hair. I like this look for this event, but I don’t get the nude mesh part of the dress. A tiny strap would work just as well and look just as good, if not better, I think.

Mila Kunis, also in a version of brown (which sounds drabber than it actually looks).

And also in sparkles and straight hair, Miranda Cosgrove — and she is looking every bit the sweet young thing she is. Go Team Carly.

And two young women outside the 16 to 26 range, first the 13 year old Bella Thorne wearing… This:

I don’t get it.

And Lisa Edelstein in… THIS:

Proving 44 falls well within young, thank you very much.

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