Interactive Wednesday: Kiss me, Batman

I like to say I have reality-shifting “chaos powers” along the lines of Wanda Maximoff’s. Just, you know, not so powerful, and with no training. Anyway, lately my chaos powers have been going crazy. For example: I, like many, like to cast my favourite characters and/or cast my favourite actors in my favourite stories. I’ve mentioned before that Naomi Watts and Diane Kruger are my top picks for my best Marvel heroine, Ms. Marvel, and I am infatuated with the idea of Katie Holmes as Jessica Jones. I’ve also been saying since the first of Christopher Nolan’s Bat films (which starred Katie Holmes) that I want to see Talia Al Ghul on the big screen.


Last fall, Naomi Watts was a spokesmodel for Ann Taylor.
Diane Kruger just took the part of Marie Antoinette first held by Eva Green (former Bond Girl).
Rumors are swirling about a pack of starlets to be cast in the next Batman film, including Naomi Watts and Eva Green.
Katie Holmes was just named spokesmodel for Ann Taylor.

If Diane Kruger showed up as a rumored Bond Girl in the newly revived franchise (which is totally plausible) the circle of chaos would be complete. (If Katie Holmes was signed to play Jess in the TV series being developed, I really would be Wanda Maximoff.)

Of course, rumors are only that, but which Bat-woman hopeful are you hoping for?

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