Other glimpses of Heroine Chic at the Globes

January wasn’t entirely alone. There was also this:

Halle Berry, who has appeared for both Marvel (Storm in the X-movies) and DC (sadly, Catwoman), picked a bunch of stuff out of her lingerie drawer and showed up on the Red Carpet. Which is absolutely heroine chic. And I’d believe she could beat us all up and look damn good doing it.

Here’s a detail on the look.

Halle, you’re super.

J-Lo wore a cape. I really love this picture. There are scores that show off the dress (and her body) better but this one tells a little story. She’s an Ice Queen — but with that high ponytail, also a warrior.

Kelly Osbourne’s light panel looks a bit like a lightning panel to me. Nice.

Megan Fox is wearing what amounts to the Red Carpet version of my Jewel redesign for Fantastic Fangirls. This is honestly my personal favourite of the night. Here’s the bodice:

I want it.

And finally, Heidi Klum.

I can’t decide if this is ACTUALLY heroine chic or I just can’t otherwise explain it. It is BIZARRE.

But Seal likes it. And I think paired with his look — yes, totally heroine chic.

2 Comments on “Other glimpses of Heroine Chic at the Globes”

  1. Rae says:

    I really, really want Kelly Osbourne to be a supervillain. She would rock that so hard.

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