Superheroes on the Red Carpet

Is it me or is everyone in a superhero movie? I mean, not really, but as I collected images for last weekend’s Critics Choice and Golden Globes Awards Shows I noticed there were a LOT of superhero actors in the crowd.

Best Supporting Actor Christian Bale won big this weekend, and this awards season so far; his turn in The Fighter is the clear front-runner for the Oscar. As for his style … well, he remains one of the very prettiest actors out there (those flowing locks could be insured I bet). But Bruce Wayne it isn’t. When does The Dark Knight Rises start filming?

Also a winner, by way of being in “Best Drama” The Social Network is Andrew Garfield, our latest Spider-Man. Half the internet is already in love with him and he cuts a pretty picture, so I say things are going swingingly.

Now let’s talk Avengers:

Iron Man.

Captain America.


Hulk. (Don’t you kinda want him to smash the car?)


Um, so, Thor. I have to hand it to Marvel, they now have me ridiculously excited to watch a movie about a character I have never liked. But it’s directed by Kenneth Brannagh and stars His Hotness (plus Natalie Portman!).

As for fashion, kudos to RDJ for making a statement, he always does and I am always in love with it. For variety’s sake, let’s throw Natasha in here:

I’ve yet to find a picture that does justice to this dress, it really looked exquisite in motion.

There are your Avengers. They clean up pretty, ne?

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