Superheroine of the Night: January Jones

Watching E’s Golden Globes Live from the Red Carpet pre-show last night I started to worry that nobody went for the heroine chic look (and THEN where would I be?). But then, there she was:

January Jones has truly and certainly discovered her Inner Emma Frost. Here’s the full look —

The only thing that would make this more heroine chic would be boots (and the gal behind her in blue and silver looks like a Original Trek era supervillian/alien making this even more comic book perfect).

Plus, this is certainly a love it or hate it look and that is ALSO spot on for Emma. Well played, January Jones.

One Comment on “Superheroine of the Night: January Jones”

  1. kelly says:

    my guess is she’s gotten so used to being mostly naked that this is as conservative as she could handle. 🙂

    heard her mention on the redcarpet special that she saw the dress in blue and asked if they’d make it for her in red.

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