Worst Dressed at the Globes: Jennifer Love Hewitt

Okay, she wasn’t alone. I’ve already brought up Heidi Klum’s Bizarro wrap and Julianne Moore gave us this:

1. That colour does you no favors on the red carpet. Especially at that length (and it looks too long to boot).
2. This fabric saves every wrinkle and here they are on parade across her middle.
3. What IS that sleeve?

But maybe it looks better in motion, y’know?

Okay, no. In fact from this angle it looks like it is eating her. But I do like the colour not on the red carpet and I hate other looks more. Like this:

I adore Michelle Williams and normally I adore her style but this is — ridiculous! Let’s do another list:
1. It doesn’t fit. Where is her figure?
2. More wrinkles! It’s not as noticeable as Julianne’s but her dress at least looks red-carpet-worthy. Michelle’s should be worn to Sunday Brunch.
3. Those daisies. I mean. What?

But still, Jennifer Love Hewitt gets the title. Because Julianne and Michelle look like pretty women in icky dresses.

Jennifer Love Hewitt looks like a napkin.

I seriously think she stole this from a touring production of Beauty and the Beast. And her styling just accentuates it. I’m sorry, all I see is napkin and for that: worst dressed.

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