Best Dressed at the Golden Globes: Catherine Zeta-Jones

First let’s cover the runners-up. Best Styling Paired with a Boring Dress:

Dianna Agron is so very pretty. But in this picture I really want to see more of the random press girl behind her. If she’d paired boots with that black dress it’d be so cute and heroine chic. Oh, right, Dianna. This dress puts me to sleep. But everything else is flawless:

Best Dress Paired with Eh Styling (TIE!):


Emma Stone and Claire Danes are kinda wearing the same look and they both look GREAT but the hair is so blah compared to the dress.

Best Look Ruined by One Weird Accessory:

I love to see Nicole Kidman looking all fashionable again but what IS that brooch on her shoulder? WHY is that brooch on her shoulder?

Best Look Overshadowed by One Great Accessory:

I love everything about Olivia Wilde’s look here but the shoes are the MOST AWESOME.

Best Look Overshadowed by It’s Own Wow Factor:

Yes, this is already wow (I mean, it’s Sofia Vergara) but that’s not even it:

Why does she have — huge! — corset holes but no laces? I mean she looks amazing but… where are the laces?!

Best Color that Not Everyone Else was Wearing:

Aw. How cute are they, right? (Lea Michele could win this one, too, but I am bored by her.)

But I gotta give Best Dressed Overall to the one that made me sit up straight to stare:

BAM. Yes, others were wearing green. Yes, others were wearing ball gowns. Yes, others were cinched and saucy. But Catherine Zeta-Jones stood out amongst that crowd. She looked like a queen.

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