Superheroine of the Night: Florence Welch

The Grammys are special; approaching heroine chic is sorta the standard. But it’s a tightrope walk (username shout out!). First, let’s talk about Ciara:

This is heroine chic. But it screams “trying too hard”. The way anything Lady Gaga wears screams “Lady F***ing Gaga”. So they’re both out of the running here.

Here’s Haley Williams:

This is also heroine chic. And adorable (I freaking LOVE the cross peeking through). And she should totally play Jerica/Jem in The Holograms movie that I just decided they should make so Haley can play Jerica/Jem.

But then there’s Florence:

The amazing thing about this dress is she is WEARING a swan and she is also BECOMING a swan. It’s like the movie Black Swan in DRESS FORM. And in creamy white swan colour. Basically it blows my mind and I LOVE IT. I know EXACTLY the woman this evokes and I promise you she is a superheroine.

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