Cap It!

In my quest for heroine chic at the Oscars I found all these ADORABLE pictures. Let’s play a game (that is actually, yes, totally an excuse to post these adorable pictures)! Best caption will win a prize (superhero themes DO get more points) —>











Comment (or tweet @tightropemarvel) with captions! For as many or as few as you want! Keep it comic-book-clean but otherwise, anything goes so have fun.

2 Comments on “Cap It!”

  1. Sigrid Ellis says:

    1. “Clint, if you don’t remove your hand immediately — ” “What, you’ll tell Bobbi? Go ahead and invite her.”

    9. Selina Kyle impersonating Kate Kane.

  2. Sahar says:

    Oh I had so much fun doing this!

    Captions, in order of pictures:

    1 – Honey, I know you really like this suit, but you just got the call. Now go to the telephone booth and do your thing; I can own this red carpet on my own.

    2 – I knoooooooooow it looks so tackyyyyyyyyy but that’s where I keep my power potion, what do you want me to dooooooooo?

    3 – “The person who saved the red carpet from boring? That would be her.” “Oh dear, did I blow my cover again?”

    4 – Seriously, why are you even trying to resist me?

    5 – “Sweetheart, did you forget about our missions, right after the show? How are you going to run it in those heels?” “Don’t worry about it, love; they are actually rocket heels that will take us anywhere we need to be.”

    6 – “They blew our cover again!” “Just smile at the camera, honey.”

    7 – “You are going to have to finish this one on your own, Selena; I only have four minutes to save the world, and Madonna is nowhere to be found.”

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