Fashion is about me not you, ft. Vanessa Hudgens

I just received a link to this slideshow in my inbox. It’s titled “Ten things men hate about your wardrobe” and goes on to show pictures of various celebrities in outfits men allegedly hate. Now, first of all, I have to reiterate my position that women do not dress for men. Second, all the captions are a variation on:

Women just love this look, they find it so cute and chic. But men? Men HATE it. Therefore all women should stop wearing this.



Let’s take Vanessa Hudgens.

I can’t actually tell you what she is wearing here. Pretty much everything looks too big. It’s like Samurai-Sailor-Grandpa-Chic Plus Sunglasses (and Chanel). I dig it. Do men? Do I care? Does Vanessa care?

Here’s an older pic that I happen to love:

Awwwww, she has a teddy. V loves her long cardigans. Do men? WHY ARE YOU ASKING?

The cutoffs with the pockets and the moccasins with the fringe and the necklace that might be a dragonfly and the top that might be a vest (or yet another long cardigan)… There’s a lot going on here. I still dig it (I want her jacket). There are, of course, obviously, plenty of times I see a celebrity or fashion pic and my first thought is “What were you thinking?” or “why are you wearing THAT?” or just “…ugh.” But not “do men like this?”. And certainly not “men don’t like this so she should never wear it again and neither should I.”

I mean. Really.

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