Supervillainess of the Night: Mary Kate Olson

Guys, there are SO MANY supers to talk about from the Met Gala. I love the Met Gala. And the Alexander McQueen Tribute Theme made for some AMAZING fashion. But for Absolute Supervillainess Chic, MK ran away with it:

This can only be described as “Ode to The Joker”.

Well, it could also be “Ode to Christmas” but that is less relevant to my life. Here’s full length:

The guy behind her speaks for me: WTF, Mary-Kate? How is even possible for the teensy tiny girl Mary-Kate Olson is to look so huge? She is completely lost in this dress and thanks to the color she is also completely lost in this photo. With the green jewelry and half-dead styling? This is UGLY. It HAS TO BE A JOKE.

Let’s look at her posse, starting with her twin:

Compared to the whole of the ball this is “fine”. The base dress fits her nicely and while the sleeves are a bit silly (Anne of Green Gables would love them), I get that she’s trying to be daring. So, okay. I think I might even like it. Compared to her sister? ASHLEY WINS BY 10,000.

Anyway, the Olson Twins should totally be supervillains. And they can employ:

Janelle Monae

Anna Dellorusso

and Shalom Harlow as their trio of Evil Dolls. And you know how supervillains try to work together but they are all too bent on world domination to really get along? So, besides the heroes, MK and Ashley also have to deal with this competition:

Evil Spider Queen Christina Ricci, with her henchman, Zac Posen —

And partner Rihanna. And I’m pretty sure in nearly every arena, the spider trio trumps the sad clown posse.

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