Interactive Wednesday: Gwen or Mary Jane?

Let’s start with this:

Guys, I’m so excited for this movie. I was not at first. In my eyes Spider-Man 2 is perfect and Spider-Man 3 is best forgotten (to avoid RAGE) and basically, I was over Spidey’s origin story and frankly, tired of the Hollywood/American idealization of youth and the rush to make movies just to keep making money and tie-in toys for McDonalds that are never marketed to girls despite the fact that Spider-Man is the favourite hero of all the females in my house.

But then it got cute.

Here’s our Gwen Stacey at the Met Gala:

Emma Stone is truly beautiful and quite the actress. I’m not a huge huge fan of this dress or this styling, but in this picture she looks like a star.

This picture she is upstaged by the adorably hilarious Dakota Fanning in the background. But she still looks like a star.

Now, Kirsten Dunst was at the Met Gala but a) her look is nothing worth talking about and b) I never liked her as Mary Jane. You know who I like for Mary Jane? Emma Stone. But I’m happy with her as Gwen so here’s another option:

Evan Rachel Wood was one of the first to sing MJ’s part in the musical and while she had to pull out (I’m pretty sure her agent and manager are popping champagne over that) now this exists:

The most amazing thing about this website is that I have nothing to do with it. But I can’t not support the people behind this:

SO, for the purposes of my poll, Evan gets to be MJ. Here’s her long look:

The floof on the dress behind her sort of adds to the dramatic flair but even without that, sorry Emma, this dress is far superior. But that’s just my opinion —

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2 Comments on “Interactive Wednesday: Gwen or Mary Jane?”

  1. Nita says:

    O.M.G. perfect post is perfect! It’s sooo great to see that you are supporting Evan Rachel Wood as MJ too~ she’s like… the most perfect choice! 😀 And “Spider-Man 2” was my all-time favorite superhero movie as well. Hopefully the new one won’t be cheesy.

    Also thanks for mentioning me on Twitter about this post~ it’s AWESOME!! ❤

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