The Attack of Wango Tango

Wango Tango sounds like a surf competition or a bubble gum flavor so it really doesn’t surprise me that the costumes at the concert are so crackers. But seriously, these girls are SO a super-team. My evidence?

J-Lo is wearing a jumpsuit made out of glittery spiderwebs. I really have to give her props for follow through:

Her mic-pack is SO cleverly concealed!

Spider-WOMAN, y’all, for real. And Spider-Girl was there, too!

Okay, she’s not dressed like Spider-Girl but how cute is Selena’s lil mini?

Super cute!!

NOT super cute. Pretty terrifying, really.

But heroine chic. I’ll give her that.

Not heroine chic. Kinda insanely normal … like she’s STEPFORD BRITNEY. I mean, seriously, how is Britney Spears the most normal looking person in the post? I guess she’s doing well.

Or Ke$ha ate her brain. One of those.

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