Ready-To-Wear: Captain America and Bucky

Unless you live under a rock (or at Hogwarts, maybe) you know that the film Captain America: The First Avenger comes out in theaters this Friday. So there is no better time (except maybe Independence Day. Or Flag Day. Or Memorial or Veteran’s Day. Other than those no better time!) to try dressing like Captain America. Or if you are me, like Bucky.

Okay, pause. First we must discuss this amazing panel. To paraphrase National Treasure, people don’t talk like that anymore! Not even in comics. Oh, this made me giggle. A lot. Now, let’s get fashionable.

First, let’s say right off that there are plenty of patriotic t-shirts, dresses, bikinis, etc. that can elicit the idea of Captain America. He wears the flag. But it’s more than that — to really pull off Cap’s look as fashion, it’s important to look at how he wears the flag. Vertical stripes. The star. The A. The wings. These are the elements that make up Captain America as opposed to Flag Guy (or, you know, Uncle Sam).

And as always, remember: you’re not trying to replicate his costume, you’re trying to capture the idea of it with your own look. Here’s what we’re thinking:

Red and white vertical striped shirt
Blue cropped hoodie, if possible with a star design
Blue jeans
Red boots
White winged sunglasses

Separately these elements are “clothes”. Put together, they become “Captain America”.

The Basics:

Captain America’s costume is meant to inspire, meant to stand out so that the rest of the army (and the enemy) knows their super soldier has arrived. The hero of the day who is ready to fight off tyranny and subversion and to defend liberty and justice. He is a symbol for America and everything she stands for, just like the flag itself. Don’t be shy if you are dressing like Captain America. Embrace it.

Let’s start with the top. Vertical stripes might be tricky to find (you want to avoid looking like a referee!) but they’re key. Here is what you are looking for:

The next layer completes the “flag” effect. It’s also where you have the most options. Here is a basic blue cropped hoodie from Juicy Couture:

This on top of the stripes really is enough to reference Cap. But if you want to, you can choose a hoodie with the star detailing. Here are a few ideas:

A generic star detail.

Converse All-Star detail.

Or the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys online shop is currently using a Captain America background image and this is closest to really pulling off the look (their cheerleaders even wear the cropped version). But it is also supporting the team, so, up to you.

As these three hoodies are not cropped, and would likely cover more of the striped shirt than we want, you may consider making an adjustment. It shouldn’t require much tailoring to crop them. You can also try buying a size too small but that’s tricky when ordering online so use caution! A third option is to add an iron on star decal to the first hoodie. These are available at craft and fabric stores or websites.

For the pants, we suggest keeping it simple with blue jeans. Skinny jeans are closest to the Cap silhouette, or I like these sailor jeans:

The next thing we need are the boots. Like Spider-Man and Superman, Cap wears bright red boots over his blue tights. But, in theory, Cap’s are combat boots so I say Doc Martens:

The top boots are classic 14-eye Docs in red and the bottom are “Diva” Docs for those who want a little extra something something.

So there we have it, stars and stripes and bright red boots — and style.


These last elements would really set off the idea. Cap has two details on his head — an “A” and his “wings”. The A can be achieved by supporting another sports team:

The Anaheim Angels. Personally, I would stick with the hoodie, but it’s an idea. These sunglasses are PERFECT for the wings:

Unfortunately, they are $288. If you can swing that, great. If not, novelty stores might have something or if you don’t mind a punk throwback, babydoll barrettes would work.

And if you really want to close the deal, this frisbee exists:

And really, any fan of Captain America should carry one with pride.

So there’s Cap — playful and patriotic, and still stylish. But we’re not done yet! No, there’s MY reason to celebrate Captain America: Bucky Barnes.

Bucky’s look is a bit less on the nose, and with the ‘Military’ style all over the place last season (and actually somewhat perennially in style), it’s easy to find. Here’s what we’re looking for:

Blue double breasted jacket
Red shirtdress
Brown or black combat boots

Simple, right? Here are the elements.

The Basics:

Start with a dress. Now, I realize Bucky doesn’t wear a dress (not even when he’s a girl). But the red slacks in the real world are just too costumey for me. I think a nice collared shirtdress is really the way to go.

This is what you want. Other than the colour and the collar, the details aren’t too important since it will be covered up with the jacket, so look for the dress you like best.

Note that in the film, Bucky wears brown slacks, so if you are really opposed to a dress you could go with the same (maybe capris?) paired with a red collared shirt.

Next we add the jacket.

This from Wet Seal is pretty much perfect — and entirely affordable. But there are a variety of blue military styled jackets out there so again, look for the one you like best.

And if you’re at all worried about this style, let me share something with you:

Nuff said.

Last, the boots.

Steve Madden

You can skip the boots if you are not a skirt-and-combat-boot kind of girl. I love the skirt and combat boots effect and these by Steve Madden are exactly what I’d wear to complete my Bucky look. Or Doc Martens come in brown or black (or blue), too.

There you have it. You can dress like Captain America and/or Bucky, make a real statement, and look like a queen. We’ve laid out these elements for you but the main points to remember are to be open and creative, wear what makes you feel good, and always, have fun.

Click on images for purchasing information. Red Carpet Superhero is not affiliated with any retail organization.

This post written in consultation with Christian Milik.

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