Black Widow Project: Intro

I really enjoyed Captain America: The First Avenger. I have to say that first. But it was the teaser trailer for The Avengers after the credits that inspired this post and the project it introduces. And specifically my reaction to that teaser trailer, which cam be summed up as:


You have to understand that I adore Natasha Romanova. See:

This is me dressed as ScarJo!Natasha for the Free Comic Book Day (first Saturday in May) that occurred just before IRON MAN 2 premiered. Because I LOVE the character. But I did not love her in Iron Man 2. And I certainly didn’t love her hair (not the main complaint but LOOK, it matters, okay?).

However, her four seconds of screen time in that teaser have renewed my hopes for her appearance in The Avengers (hope is my default so it doesn’t take too much). And that hope cemented my cosplay plans for New York Comic Con, and beyond. And I decided this is the perfect opportunity to share my cosplay process. As we (re)build this costume and I make the transformation into Natasha, I will write up the hows and whys and what nots that come up.

This is the costume:

This is me today:

Aeris there, will be dressing as her favourite Avenger: THOR.

That is where I’d like to begin.

Why this costume? For me, and Aeris, it always begins with “I love this character”. We both already love to dress up; I can’t answer “why cosplay?” with much more than a “because” or “why not?”. I’ve done it since I was a six year old and I’ve never stopped. But I can give a more in depth response to why THIS cosplay.

1. I love this character. I think this is important. I need to feel a personal connection to the character in order to really embody her.

2. I feel comfortable in this costume. Also important. I don’t look like Ms. Marvel and I never will. Her costume would make me appear even shorter than I actually am (5’2) and I simply wouldn’t be able to SELL it the way I’d want. I want to stress that this is a personal consideration and everyone’s comfort levels are different. I don’t doubt that Princess Leia’s metal bikini is empowering for some women. For me, it’s Natasha’s black SHIELD outfit. I don’t just feel comfortable. I don’t just feel sexy. I feel STRONG.

3. This costume, and character, are recognizable. I have cosplayed lesser knowns, and I have cosplayed characters everyone cosplays. Both of these options have pros and cons, most notably recognition versus comparison. I’ve generally had better experiences being recognizable so now I tend to choose that route.

4. This costume can exist in the real world. My family love the Macross mythos and I’ve long considered cosplaying Lynn Minmay’s iconic look from the film Do You Remember Love?. However, that dress cannot translate to reality in a way I would be satisfied with. Many, many, many have tried and they are beautiful costumes — but there is something to that dress that will only work IN SPACE and because of that, I don’t want to do it here on Earth.

5. I want to. At the end of the day, this is the only reason necessary. Natasha was written into Iron Man 2 and I wanted to support the character I love in the comics and the new universe the movies are creating. And where my daughter, and my friends, were shouting “THOR!” and “IRON MAN!” at the screen during the teaser and afterwards, I was shouting “NATASHA HAS GREAT HAIR!”

I want to have Natasha’s great hair. It’s as simple as that.


3 Comments on “Black Widow Project: Intro”

  1. Tally Smith says:

    This is so awesome!!! I do the comic style Black Widow, but actually, upon seeing that poster at Comic Con, I, too have decided to do this costume. Your original one looks fantastic!! I think you both will look great!!!

  2. […] remember when I was going to dress as Black Window for NYCC and write up the cosplay process? You probably thought I‘d forgotten. But no, it was just on the back burner and when I got […]

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